10 Of The Most Ridiculous Baby Names That Parents Have Used

Whenever you are choosing a baby name, there are many factors to consider more than you simply liking the name.  The most important factor to consider is how the name will affect the baby for the rest of his or her life. It is one thing to give your baby a name that is a name that has been used, no matter how unusual it would be. And, sometimes whatever name you give your baby, he or she may end up disliking it as he or she grows to the point of wanting to change it, and that is out of your hands. However, there is a big difference between naming your baby a name that really is a name that you like but your child ends up not liking and naming your baby something downright ridiculous that the courts should not have allowed you to add to the birth certificate. And right now, we are going to go over 10 of those most ridiculous baby names given.

Sygma – It is not unheard of to hear babies named after some of the letters of the Greek alphabet like Delta and Theta. Think about Delta Burke for example. Those names are acceptable. However, Sygma? Not even Sigma. It’s Sygma. Yes, a couple in Canada named their daughter Sygma who probably will be changing her name to Delta or Theta down the road.

Abcde – Now that we are talking about names given inspired by the alphabet, this one has been in the news as of late. A woman was mocked at an airline for naming her daughter Abcde, and the crazy thing is, there are over 300 girls with the name Abcde in the USA, which is pronounced as Ab-sa-dee. The question is why? How is that a name?

Danger – This name has been used for boys over the years but not too often, but it is not a name to give to a child whether it is a boy or a girl. Parents that name their sons Danger think there is a macho sound to this name but it really sounds ridiculous. Perhaps these boys with that name can go by Dan and just leave it at that.

Mhavryck – Maverick is a name that is pretty popular and it literally means being a nonconformist, but why play around with the spelling and name the child Mhavryck instead? That is going to make that child’s life even more difficult but some parents have spelled that name this way.

Jarica – In the 1980s, you would have likely heard the name Jericka or Jerrica from the TV cartoon series, Jem. However, Jarica has nothing to do with that at all. In fact, some parents have used Jarica for their daughters because it is a combination of Jessica and Erica. This name has been documented in Baby Center, and it is highly ridiculous for this reason.

Nevaeh – This name is actually Heaven spelled backwards, and it for some reason has made it into the top 1000, but it is not a name to give to a child. It sounds like never while saying the word with a British or an Australian accent. If you love the name Heaven so much, then just use that instead even though that is not really a recommendation either. However, it is still much better than Nevaeh.

Ralph – This name has been a very old name used for centuries which includes a character that was in Shakespeare’s Henry IV. However, unfortunately, over time, this once well-respected name has been given a bad reputation because it is associated with vomiting. Why would any parent want to name their son a name that is associated with being sick? Because, unfortunately, that is what Ralph is nowadays.

Chardonnay – If you want to name your child after an alcoholic drink, just stick with Brandy or Brandie, Chardonnay is not a good choice, and it has been used occasionally for girls, according to Baby Center. It is a name that you can use for your pet poodle, but not your child.

Sausage – You read that right, Sausage has been used as a name, according to Baby Center, but not frequently thankfully. Food names are not unheard of as Wyeth Pal trow named her daughter Apple, but Sausage takes the ridiculousness on a whole new level.

Bertha – Bertha is German for bright and glorious, and it was once a respectable name like Ralph was. However, because now that name is associated with the German giant cannon that was used during WWI, Big Bertha, just don’t use it because that is going to make your daughter a laughing stock! Now you know about the 10 most ridiculous baby names to avoid at all costs when you are choosing a name for your baby!